Exhibitors 2022

  • BPC Instruments AB
    BPC Instruments AB (former Bioprocess Control AB) is a Swedish-based technology company that develops and sells automated, analytical instruments that allow for more efficient, reliable, and higher quality research and analysis in a wide range of industries (e.g., biogas production, biodegradability of bioplastics and other polymers, wastewater treatment, animal nutrition, bioethanol production, biohydrogen production, etc).
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  • GEOS Environment
    Founded in 1987 as an environmental protection services firm, Geos Environment S.r.l. has been continually adapting to the copious changes of this important sector, occurred in the society over the past 25 years; specifically to the more stringent legal and social requirements that have nowadays become the fundamental milestones of our future environmental behaviour.
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  • Paneco Ambiente
    Reducing man's impact on the environment has always been the mission of PANECO AMBIENTE: to do this, we constantly invest in R&D for the production of new biotechnological solutions and systems. These are made available to our partners in numerous fields: agro-zootechnology, industry and the environment.
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  • E&Chem Solution Corp.
    Since its establishment in 2007, E&Chem Solution Co., Ltd. has developed the technology for the removal process and adsorbent of harmful gases (moisture, hydrogen sulfde, ammonia, siloxane, etc.) contained in biogas generated from anaerobic digestion facilities and landfills.
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  • Green Energy Holding SpA
    Il gruppo Green Energy Holding S.P.A. è costituito dall’insieme di tre aziende con esperienza pluriennale nei vari campi del trattamento dei materiali di scarto, delle bonifiche ambientali e della gestione logistica, le quali compongono un’offerta integrata e innovativa nel settore della Green Economy.
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  • IWWG
    The International Waste Working Group, founded in 2002 and registered as a no-profit organisation, serves as a forum for the scientific and professional community. The IWWG aims to provide an intellectual platform to encourage and support integrated and sustainable waste management and to promote practical scientific development in the field.
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  • Marcopolo Environmental Group
    MARCOPOLO ENVIRONMENTAL GROUP is an international reality with over 40 years of history behind it, operating in the environmental field, with a large number of patents and production processes, for the "sustainable and active" industrial valorisation of waste / good by-products and the production of energy and biomethane from renewable sources.
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  • Technikgruppe
    Technikgruppe is an Austrian engineering company with 40 employees having international experience and worldwide engagement. Due to its long experience in Energy-from-Waste and biomass Technikgruppe also acts as an independent consultant for technical and commercial issues.
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