Food In Canada

Industry Partners

  • AOFP

    The Alliance of Ontario Food Processors was established in 2003 by industry to provide a single and powerful voice on behalf of Ontario food and beverage manufacturers. We are the industry advocate on issues and concerns common across the sector.

    Membership in AOFP is held by small to large-sized processor operations, sector associations and various supplier businesses.

  • Baking Association of Canada
    Baking Association of Canada

    The Baking Association of Canada (BAC) is your industry association governed by you the member. Volunteers are elected from member companies and serve nationally on the Association’s Board of Directors and various Committees. Members also are elected to manage BAC’s provincial Chapters. Additionally, BAC has full time staff and office based in Mississauga, (Toronto) Ontario to manage the Association’s day to day affairs.

  • CCCA logo
    Canadian Corrugated Container Board Association

    To lead by advancing the competitiveness of the Canadian corrugated & containerboard industry; by embracing sustainability in all its forms (environmentally responsible, economically viable, socially desirable); by protecting the health and safety of our stakeholders; and to communicate this to our customers, governments and the public at large.

  • Canadian Dairy Commission

    The Canadian Dairy Commission is a Crown corporation which was established in 1966 with the mandate of coordinating federal and provincial dairy policies and creating a control mechanism for milk production which would help stabilize revenues and avoid costly surpluses. The CDC plays a key role as facilitator and stakeholder in the various forums that influence dairy policy in Canada and offers a framework for the management of the industry as a whole, which is a jurisdiction shared by the federal government and the provinces.

  • CIFST logo

    Founded in 1951, CIFST is the national association for food industry professionals. Its membership of more than 1,200 is comprised of scientists and technologists in industry, government and academia who are committed to advancing food science and technology. The purpose of CIFST is to advocate and promote the quality, safety and wholesomeness of the food supply through the application of science and technology by linking food science professionals from industry, government and academia.

    To provide a forum for the exchange of scientific, educational & business ideas and information.
    To be a major voice on scientific issues and public policy relating to the Canadian food industry.
    To promote the professional development and careers of CIFST members

  • CMC logo
    Canadian Meat Council

    As the national association of federally inspected meat packers and processors, the Canadian Meat Council acts as a forum in which member company representatives come together with like-minded firms to consolidate opinion on important issues. The Canadian Meat Council has been doing just this, with success, since its founding in 1919.

  • OIMP logo

    Working Together — Moving the Industry Forward.

    The Ontario Independent Meat Processors (OIMP) is the representative voice of the independent meat and poultry processor in Ontario, working closely with agricultural and commodity organizations and various levels of government for over 30 years.

  • ODC-logo
    Ontario Dairy Council

    A dynamic, profitable and growing dairy processing industry, competitive domestically and internationally

    Broad, strong representation of the collective member interests.

    to be the industry leader in public dairy policy decision making
    to be one strong voice supporting all its members
    to be the proactive change leader through cooperative relationships with other progressive groups
    to position and shape ODC’s role in the changing environment
    to simplify industry regulations and policies where possible
    to promote growth of new milk supplies while maintaining the investments of ODC members

  • PAC logo
    Packing Association of Canada

    The Packaging Association has been the voice of the Canadian packaging industry since 1950. In 2010, 60 years later, the association rebranded as PAC – The Packaging Association. In keeping up with the times PAC, without leaving its Canadian roots, has expanded its boundaries to serve all of North America.