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NRGene, Bühler open black soldier fly research centre

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It is located at the Innovation Center of Saskatchewan University

NRGene Canada and Bühler open the North American Insect Center (NAIC) in Saskatchewan. This centre will test and demonstrate the performance of black soldier fly (BSF) varieties on by-products.

NAIC will allow customers to assess BSF varieties, operational parameters, and practices for efficient industrial-scale production. It will also offer workshops, training sessions, and seminars on the benefits and best practices of insect protein production.

NRGene’s BSF variety collection, combined with advanced genomics and phenotyping capabilities, enables the development of tailored BSF strains with improved functionalities such as better feed conversion rate or higher protein content while considering customers’ specific by-product-based feed. Bühler has installed its trial rearing unit (TRU), a climate-controlled larvae growth chamber, to optimize the growth and development of BSF larvae.

Andreas Baumann, head of market segment insect technology at Bühler, said, “The centre will serve as a meeting place for our clients, particularly those from North America, to collaboratively optimize insect plant operation. Together, we can fine-tune both biological and technological aspects, to maximize the value of our clients’ projects.”


The centre is located at the Innovation Center of Saskatchewan University. NRGene Canada is in talks with local food producers to evaluate the suitability of their waste for growing BSF.

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