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Handtmann launches edible alginate packaging for small sachets

June 6, 2024   by Food in Canada Staff


The new Handtmann ConProSachet system co-extrudes edible alginate packets at industrial speed for a variety of fillings, from jams and cheeses to energy gels, meat snacks and condiment fillings. The system uses seaweed-based material instead of plastic film so the filled sachets can be ingested or will breakdown and biodegrade within a few weeks.

The ConProSachet system has a uniquely designed co-extrusion head that produces a thin alginate casing around the product. Circulating dividing elements then compress the filled flow pack, separating it into a chain of individual pods for separation into individual portions. The seal is a few-tenths of a millimetre thick.

According to Rafal Rusiniak, sales manager, “This technology opens new doors and the creative uses for these no-leak edible sachets for snacks, treats and quick energy bursts when on the run holds great potential for innovative processors in search of a more environmentally friendly product line.”

The Handtmann Sachet System was developed in cooperation with Notpla, a U.K.-based material company.



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